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You’ll never be bored with Sic Bo! This game is a favourite among many, and for good reason. No matter your preferred style of gambling: if you enjoy the fast pace of Craps or Roulette; then there’s no doubt that this casino will have something to fit your preference. With rich history dating back centuries ago in ancient China as well as plenty of winning opportunities each roll, there are few who can resist taking their chances at one round (or more) on the table-top version – it only takes three rounds before victory awaits!

An Age-Old Game Online

Sic Bo is a dice game that was originally played in China. The name means “dice pair” which is ironic because you need three dice to play the game, and it’s not just one of them! Sic Bo has inspired many similar English games including Chuck-a-Luck or Grand Hazard where players throw six pairs of two differently colored and numbered cubes with numbers from 1 through 6 on their faces instead of Chinese characters (which are used for Sic bo).

Exciting Online Dice Action

For those looking to try something different from the usual casino games, Sic Bo is a great choice. It only takes about five minutes of your time and you don’t need any special skills or strategy like with blackjack or video poker. To start playing all you have to do is place some bets on one of three betting areas–the Field (which covers up two thirds), High 1/High 2 which works out as adding both dice together for that number if they’re rolled, and Low 3-Low 12 in groups of four numbers at once; then wait until either someone wins by rolling 7 before everyone else rolls 11 first OR when there are no more chips left on the table AND after waiting another round following these rules, whichever group has not yet

The odds of winning on any given bet are different depending whether you’re at a casino, the convenience store down the street from your house or online.

The chances that when betting money in Vegas will depend greatly on what game it is and where you’re playing it because there’s more than one way to win!

Sic Bo Game Basics

A simple game of Sic Bo is based purely on chance and can result in a win or loss. Unlike Craps, where the outcome may be determined by more than one dice roll, this single-roll casino game has only two outcomes: either you lose all your bet money for that round or else it pays out according to what you wagered. To start playing yourself just follow these five steps!

Top Sic Bo Tips

The best long term Sic Bo strategy is to always opt for the bets that have the lowest house edge. These low-risk, high reward wagers are perfect if you’re looking for a little more consistency in your bankroll and prefer not to gamble every time you play. Big or small bets are an excellent choice as their respective houses edges sit at 2.78%. If choosing between these two options, it pays off big over time with its lower percentage of loss than other higher risk alternatives like even/odds which come out near zero percent each round thanks tot he bigger payouts offered on this option! Short term though there’s also another side of things – opting towards those risky stakes where rewards can be much greater but so too will losses become

The house edge for a triple bet is much smaller than that of single bets, with betting odds varying between 150:1 and 180:1.

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