New Zealand Volcanoes

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It ejected some 530 cubic km of magma and 1170 cubic km of particles in complete, masking the Chatham Islands, one thousand km away, with a layer of ash 18 cm deep. The Oruanui eruption at Taupo occurred 27,000 years ago and was the most important eruption worldwide since Toba in Indonesia, around seventy four,000 years ago. Oruanui was so explosive that its ejecta was deposited away from the vent, collapsing the bottom over its empĀ­tied magma chamber to type … Continue reading “New Zealand Volcanoes”

Spas And Retreats In New Zealand

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Content The Top 8 Maori Culture Experiences In New Zealand Try Out This Daily Aro Ha 10 Minute Yoga: Contact us to discuss a personalized luxury wellness retreat experience in New Zealand. I have travelled to many retreat centres around the world and Te Moata is a priceless jewel. I love the simplicity of the lifestyle and how Te Moata invites me to slow down and breathe. It is a place of refuge, inviting everyone who visits it to listen … Continue reading “Spas And Retreats In New Zealand”