Popular Online Betting Esports Markets

The Most Popular eSports Markets Online

If you’re looking to start betting on eSports, the first step is understanding what types of games are available. Some offer full markets for both novice and experienced players like Rugby or Cricket does.

Match Winner

The best way to win in the eSports betting market is through predicting who will come out on top. This bet, also known as “the moneyline” or ‌”match winner”, lets you predict just that without worrying about anything else like what score and how it was achieved. All you have to do is pick a player or team…and then collect your earnings!

Outright Winner

Outright betting is the most exciting and risky bet in all of sports. This might seem like a no-brainer, but predicting an outright winner requires so much research into teams or players that you’re really quite knowledgeable about them before wagering on their success!

Outright betting takes place when people predict who will win tournaments or leagues, with some major events offering those type of bets separately from each other. There’s not just one kind – there are many different types to choose from depending on what sport you want to gamble on – be it traditional games such as soccer (football) and basketball, or esports competitions for Dota 2 Internationals , LOL Championships and Overwatch League .

Group Winner

The World Cup for eSports is coming up and they have created a fun feature to make it even more exciting. On top of predicting the winners, users can predict who will be in first place out of their group at the end of preliminary stages.

Group of Winner

The Group of Winner eSports market may sound confusing, but it actually related to the above option. This bet involves predicting which group the winner will come from in a tournament. For example, you can predict that either one team or another will win and emerge out of Groups A & B where they are competing against each other!

First Blood

If you are someone who wants to bet on the first kill in a round, then First Blood is for you. Available in games such as CS:GO, Overwatch or Call of Duty; this option allows players to wager their coins on which team will be the first one to execute an enemy player. Wanting it all? Look no further and place your bets!

Odd/Evens Kills

With first person shooter games and some MOBA games, eSports bookmakers will offer markets based on the number of kills executed in the entire game. These bets are often called “odds” or an even/odd bet because you have to predict whether there were 10 odd numbers such as 9 vs only 8 even ones like 4. With this option it’s possible for a player who places their money correctly at a break-even odds can make up to 4x their initial wager!

With FPS shooters and MOBAs involving eSport betting, players may place various types of bets with regards to specific statistics within each match. A popular one is what’s known as “Odds Kill Bets.” This type involves deciding if

Knife Round

With the Knife Round, you can place an eSports bet on who will execute the first kill in Counterstrike: Global Offensive’s knife round. It is easy to confuse this for a regular match, but it actually requires different tactics and skillsets because knives are used instead of guns!

The Knife Round has become popular with gamers betting on which team will get that all-important “first blood” during CS GO’s long anticipated (and often times very bloody) “knife rounds.”

Map Winner

Competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games are played over a series of maps with the winner being the team to win best out of 3 or best out 5. Instead of predicting who will be victorious, you can bet on which specific map in game they’ll take home victory from! This is like set betting where any player could potentially win that individual match, but lose overall by playing against an opponent’s strategy and skill level.

Map 1 Overtime

With eSports, the first map can be unpredictable. One could go into overtime or it might end quickly in a victory for either team. This is why it’s important to choose your bets wisely at one of New Zealand’s top bookmakers online and get in on the action!