Playing Online Craps In New Zealand

Craps: A Brief History

The Roman Empire is credited with the invention of dice, and many emperors cheated by using them. Dice were used not only for gambling but also as a tool to make predictions or help tell fortunes in ancient times- they could be made out of bone, stone, wood or any number of materials. Craps may have its roots in more than one culture; it might even date back to 600 BC!

In the early 1900s, a Frenchman named Jules Leon Franconin was visiting his family in New Orleans. He decided to gamble with dice and won an armful of cash as he walked home from the casino. A few days later on Christmas Eve morning he awoke around 3 AM at his French Quarter apartment with shooting pains down both legs caused by gout (a type of arthritis). In order to stop shaking so that it would ease up enough for him to walk outside and find someone who could help get medicine or even shoot him because this is how they dealt with pain back then, he threw some well-worn craps dice onto a table nearby whereupon lightning struck them! This made everyone very happy since now no one had any more pain

Rules for Online Craps

Craps is a dice game that many people think of as an intimidating and complicated table game. However, the online craps table has all types of betting options organized into three major sections: Outside bets are for Pass or Don’t Pass only; Inside bets cover Come on and don’t come-on odds; Proposition Bets allow you to make Odds wagers by picking individual numbers in any combination with up to thirty different wager amounts per number.

Types of Bets to Place

In this game, you can bet on any of the following:

-The Pass (You are betting that a 7 will come up before an 11)

-Straight Betting (A sum is wagered that all 6 numbers in order from 1 to 36 will be thrown with no repeats and without rolling two dice at once.)

-Come Out Roll Bets – You have one chance to predict whether both dice show either 2 or 3 when they land. If not then your stake is lost but if so then it’s doubled! This roll cannot produce doubles, triples etc., only singles. There’s also these three other types of bets where you’re predicting which side value each die shows after being rolled; The Hard

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