Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Video Pokies

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Based on the cult movie released in 1989 and starring a young Keanu Reeves, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure pokies is one of many online games that draws all its inspiration from this iconic film. With 40 pay-lines at 5 reels players can enjoy some great time traveling adventures with an original cast including both B&T themselves as well as their princesses Elizabeth & Joanna! Players are encouraged to dress up for these new adventure by downloading our newest free app; we’re giving away 10+ exclusive costumes every day so there’ll always be something different waiting when you come back!

The game is a lot of fun and features snippets from the movie. You can’t help but feel like you’re right there with Charlie as he’s running around New York, chasing his dream!

How To Play Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a delightful game with great features. The reels are floating against the sky, which allows for some beautiful imagery to appear around them as they spin. There are many ways to win in this slot from high paying symbols like Bill or Ted down to lower value coins that offer smaller payouts but still have their purposes such as helping you trigger bonuses or scatters throughout your gameplay. Overall, it offers an excellent experience for any player looking not just wins but variety too!

The wild symbol is the Wyld Stallyns logo (Bill and Ted’s “band”). If it lands on reels 1 to 4, the telephone box time travelling machine will appear to turn them all into more symbols. The scatter symbol is Rufus. When you see him he acts as a bonus!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Rules & Stats

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a low variance game with an RTP of 95.98%. The rules are simple – just land on 3 or more symbols in a pay-line to reap rewards. If you don’t land a hit, simply respin for another chance! For players looking for the most automated experience possible, pre-programme your “auto spins” without having go click re-spin every time you want to spin again!

Special Features In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The bonus rounds in this game are quite entertaining. There is a “collapsing symbols” round that lets you collect extra things as the reels keep spinning, but beware of going overboard with wins or else your prizes will all be gone for good! I also like how every time an Rufus symbol appears it rewards me by letting me choose one of my favorite figures from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to win more stuff.

This game is really about collecting historical figures. You can collect these characters in the bonus rounds by landing on them with 3 guitar symbols, and you already have one collected at the start of your session!

This player has taken a note from history to get more wins while they play this slot machine game.

A Most Excellent Pokies Game

You’ll be on a worldwide adventure with Bill and Ted in this online pokies game that features exciting bonus games, entertaining movie clips, and easy-to-play gameplay. It’s worth checking out if you’re up for some wild times!

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