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Non-Recommended Casinos

We don’t like to point fingers, but for us what is concerning are casinos that do not abide by the proper procedure. It’s easy enough to find out which operators have been relegated into corners of classrooms and told to stay there with their hands in air when you google “non-recommended casinos” or “rogue casinos.” All you need then does a little research on various websites who will tell you exactly where the providers are so we can avoid them as much as possible while they fix things up

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Non-Recommended vs Rogue

When it comes to casinos, there are a few different categories. One type is the non-recommended casino which has been found guilty of misconduct or at least accused thereof. These operators usually do one (or more) of the following:

It needs to be noted that these types of casinos typically maintain this status until such time they have proven otherwise and can shed themselves from their label as rogue; after all, not everyone gets things right on day 1! Another category you may find online are those labeled “rogue”–those who don’t play fair but still try and get what’s theirs anyway with no regard for anyone else in between them and glory…and anything goes when playing rouge!

Our List of Non-Recommended Casinos

There are many operators in New Zealand that players should not play at, and this is a list of those casinos. There have been more complaints about these than any others on the market right now, so we recommend staying away from them.

You can always count on our reviews to steer you clear of the casinos with bad reputations. We take pride in finding and recommending only the best Kiwi casino sites, so that online gamblers have a great experience from start to finish!