Play The Grand Journey Online Pokies At A New Zealand Casino

The Grand Journey Online Pokies Review

The Grand Journey is the perfect game for Kiwi players who want to enjoy a dynamic casino experience with every spin. Its 5 reels and 30 paylines will unlock big wins, so you better start exploring this fantastical world full of fearsome dinosaurs!

The Grand Journey is a pokies adventure that will have you feeling like Indiana Jones in no time. With its exciting bonus rounds, amazing graphics and sound effects it’s the best game to play at your nearest New Zealand casino!

Ignite Your Taste for Adventurer

In this game, players must spin the reels in hopes of big wins and captivating escapades. There are a variety of reel symbols including an adventurer’s supplies, a monstrous dinosaur, fierce tiger, huge mask from some tribe you’ve never heard about before (now that I think about it), giant toadstool or whatever they call ’em over there… You know what? Screw those guys! They probably don’t even have toilet paper – is all I’m saying. Anyway yeah so as far as gameplay goes we got three different levels: low risk where pins will be awarded for spinning 3 identical symbols on one line; medium risk which awards 5x your bet if 4-6 matches appear on any single roll with 7 matching lines

The graphics and soundtrack make this game a favourite among top New Zealand casinos.

Explore the Wild to Win

Give your bank account a journey with this game that will take you to the moon and back. The Grand Journey logo is both a wild symbol, expanding to fill reel 3 for bigger wins than ever before, as well as appearing stacked on all reels in winning combinations!

Search the Globe for Free Spins

With a little ingenuity, exploring the world couldn’t be easier. Just land 3 or more of these scatter symbols on your reels and you’ll trigger 15 free spins where every win is doubled! The multiplier trail will also increase up to 10x with each time players fail to spin in a winning combination – meaning humongous wins for those who take their chances when it matters most!

Pokies That Thrill

The Grand Journey is a game of awe-inspiring graphics, dynamic gameplay and large jackpots. The New Zealand casino experience has never seen anything like it! With an almost infinite amount of combinations to help you win big time, this game combines the best features that any player could hope for in one package – because when quality entertainment meets grand prizes we all know what’s going on!