Live The Life With Dogfather – A Treat For Godfather Fans

godfather fans

Do you like the movies which are based on the subject related to the lifestyle of the mafia and the underworld? Are you one of those Godfather fans? I am sure if would like this then the name of the entitled will give you the remembrance of the famous movies of all time and the name of the film is Godfather. After watching the mega show I thought of making search of any game which is based on the same, after making the search I found Dogfather the most resembling one.

I was grooming to make the download of the full app in my mobile and I am in the habit of having some beer while going through the game because it gives me the feeling as if I am in the casino. The event is featured with five reels and 20 paylines which gives you number of ways to make the win. The users have the option to make the waging of five coins per line and in total the max of 100 coins through the lines.

If you want to make the instant win the only thing which you will have to do is to make the matching of three symbols in a row from left to right. If you will go through the review of this one you cannot stop yourself to feel the life of mafia. There are many symbols which were depicted over the interface such as revolvers, cigar cutters and many more.

The max amount of bounty can be earned by the logo of the entitled one only which mean if you hit five in total of the icon you will get about 13,000 coins. You will not believe that I have a coffee mug of the same design which is used by the mafia. If you want to experience the lifestyle of the mafia then you should go for the play of this one.