Hot Ink Online Pokies Review

Hot Ink Online Pokies

Hot Ink Online Pokies is one of the most popular titles out there. With up to 122 500 coins waiting for you, this Microgaming powered pokie game can be your escape from reality and into a world full of artistry with Angel, Luci and their very skilled artists in an interactive casino experience that sports polished sounds and exquisite graphics as well as some pretty sexy spins!

When you’re ready for a new tattoo, take the opportunity to explore Hot Ink – an online casino game themed around legendary hot ink parlour. You can strike it lucky with winged hearts and flaming dice or get inked without ever having to leave your computer! Featuring retro-style pin up girls combined with modern imagery, this is the perfect way for all of us who have wanted tattoos at one time or another (or still do) but didn’t want them permanently on our body. The best part? There’s no download required so we never miss out on any action when we play whatever suits our moods from day to day!

More than 1000 Ways To Win!

Hot Ink Online Pokies is an addictive online casino game that gives you the chance to make up for 1024 ways of winning. With a thousand possible combinations, every spin comes out with at least one winner! The simplistic goal is what makes this game so addicting-instead of fixed pay lines, all spins are based on your chances and hours upon hours of fun await once you enter Hot Ink’s tattoo parlor.

Winning Made Easy with Hot Ink

This is a review of Hot Ink Online Pokies. With 1000 ways to win, the Tattoo bonus game offers yet another way for players to amass their fortune with free spins and multipliers. If you get three tattoo symbols, you’ll have the option from three different albums that match tattoos on your screen!

The more you spin, the more fish that get added to your plate. With 20 free spins available for three or multiples of blue and purple symbols on a win line, Hot Ink will make sure your dinner table is always full with rewards!

Spin to Win with our site and Hot Ink

Hot Ink online pokies is a gaming experience like no other. Combine the world of tattoos with 1024 ways to get lucky and you have yourself an incredible game! The graphics are up-to-date, there’s huge casino bonuses, and the symbols are provocative – this isn’t your grandma’s slots machine game anymore!

Play the casino game today and you will be immersed in its imaginative world.

The online gambling game is a fantastic place to have some fun with friends or family while escaping into an exciting, vibrant realm of intrigue, suspense and excitement!