Halloween Fortune Ii Pokies Review For Nz

Halloween Fortune II Online Pokies

Sequels are big business, even in the world of online pokies. If anything, software providers enjoy making sequels and players like film-goers will pay money to see these new installments. And so it was only natural that Playtech would come out with Halloween Fortune II for its game lineup after a successful first installment – which has been enjoyed by over 500 million people worldwide!

Part two of this addictive slot machine game picks up where part one left off and, while it does add new attributes to the gameplay, stays true to its original spirit which resonated tremendously with players around the world. We’d like you tell you more about this online video pokies game before we do; before that though we want to let you know where can play it!

Find your Fortune at Slotnite

The witches are flying high this Halloween season, and Slotnite is the perfect place to catch all of their tricks. This well-established casino has a long history with betting games such as slot machines, but it’s now looking for new players from New Zealand who want to join in on its classic game play. You’ll be able find over 20 software providers here at one time–from authentic online slots like Jackpot Jester II which offer up fantastic jackpots worth millions when you line up five stars across your reels or more mellow card based classics that will let you enjoy winning without any stress. Whatever type of player you happen to be there is something for everyone!

Halloween Fortune II: Features & Gameplay

The forest is dark and ominous, sometimes you can’t even see the trees for all of the fog. The woodland creatures are restless as they patrol their territory while hidden in shadows or behind bushes. It’s a place where anything could happen! You never know what will pop into your line of sight next–a black cat with her eyes glowing green from every direction, an unidentified creature lurking about waiting to strike its prey at any moment…or maybe just some measly little skull that seems harmless enough until it gives you a scare when reality sets back in (and then laughs!)

The witches are ready to help you win big in this game! They can stack up on the reels, which is sure to get your heart racing and send a chill down your spine. The pumpkin wilds will make any player feel like they have won already just by looking at them – with 5 of these jackpots lining an active payline, you could be walking away with 3000 coins or more! Turbo mode also ups the ante for players who want faster gameplay that puts their chances of winning sooner than ever before.

The game’s free spins feature gets going once you get three or more scatter symbols. You’ll be granted up to 10 free spins with an increasing multiplier that can climb up to 6x, and the wild pumpkin will land on a middle reel where it becomes locked- creating bigger and better wins for players!