Event Horizon Pokies Review

Event Horizon Online Video Pokies

We’ve seen something like this before. In fact, if one were to attribute the really cool features found in Event Horizon Online Video Pokies to who originally introduced it that would have be NetEnt. But that’s the beauty of our industry – it takes a melting pot of borrowing and meshing concepts for new products or games alike such as pokies themselves which are their very essence is just copies from other providers anyway. It’s always been about adapting ideas when you can’t make your own so why not take what others offer and improve on them?

There is a new game on the scene and it’s called Event Horizon. Betsoft, one of NetEnt’s competitors, has released this space-themed slot for players to enjoy at GUTS Casino as we speak!

In an even more creative twist than before with Twin Spins from Nettent or earlier games like Starburst by Microgaming; now we have Event Horizons from Betsoft who are trying to take over their own share in our favorite universe: Gaming

A Word or Two on GUTS

GUTS Casino is the online casino that offers more than just poker. With GUTS, you can enjoy their offering on your smartphone and with a wave of games offered by different providers for every taste, we know it’ll be hard to keep yourself from playing these pokies all day!

GUTS offers an expansive library of games, including those made by Betsoft. The company also has partnerships with NetEnt and Microgaming to provide players the very best in online gaming entertainment from around the world. They offer new sign-up incentives for all newcomers and are always presenting special promotions that can get you even more great deals on top of your initial deposit bonus!

Playing Event Horizon

Betsoft has created a simple, uncomplicated game that is perfect for beginners. There are lots of flashy graphics and music to keep the player engaged but there’s not much in terms of features. Event Horizon doesn’t try to be anything other than an easy-to-play pokies game which is meant for those who want it or simply need something more laid back with less options.

This pokies game offers a maximum jackpot of 36 000 coins and while it might not have free spins or multipliers, it does offer wilds that can create higher payouts. The joint reels are this games biggest draw card because when two adjacent reels become joined you’ll get the chance for an even bigger win. This event horizon online pokies is simple to play but will keep you coming back for more!