Easter Island Pokies Review

Easter Island Online Pokies

Rapa Nui is a volcanic island off the coast of Chile, but to many it’s known as Easter Island. It’s no wonder then that Yggdrasil Gaming has turned this mysterious island into an online pokies game unlike anything we’ve seen before with bet sizes ranging from 0.10 to 200 credits and up 103 paylines! With such variety, Rapa Nui Pokies are sure something you’ll want to play right away!

The remote location for Rapa Nuii gives players plenty of time alone with their thoughts while they try out five different reels packed full of unique symbols like fishnets, sharks teeth or boar tusks which represent various goods found on the island at one point in

Adventurous Features

Easter Island is a 5-reel, 27/65/103 line pokies game. You can enjoy the awesome graphics of this slot machine with giant moai heads on each side and animal symbols that range in value from Heart to Club symbol while spinning for your next big win!

Every time you spin, the moai heads get excited because they hope that this will be their lucky day. If it is and with a winning combination on one of your reels, then you’ll earn another chance to win! The left head takes away any low-paying symbols while the right head replaces high-paying ones with other high paying ones.

Hitting a 4-of-a kind win will let the reels expand, giving you 65 paylines. If your lucky and hit 5 of a kinds on Easter Island it expands to 103 lines for another chance at victory! The wild symbol is also prevalent in this game; should one appear on either reel 2 or 4 they’ll cover all other symbols which can result in big wins if matched up with others throughout play.

Should you strike out with four cards that match eachother, then the 3×7 reel grid will shrink back down from 17 positions to just 12 during the next round as long as there isn’t any more matching combinations drawn off within those reduced numbers of positions before every position has been filled again. Hitting

Pokies Action at Cashmio

The developers of the game make it seem like you are really on Easter Island and experiencing a “journey” through an ancient civilization. The soundtrack is upbeat, cheery, and adds to your gaming experience as you play this 5 reel slot with 3 rows for 10 paylines! Make sure not to forget about Cashmio Casino because they offer some great bonuses in addition to their own games which give players more chances at winning big prizes.

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