Detailed Eggomatic Video Pokies Review

EggOmatic Video Pokies Review

EggOmatic is a unique Kiwi casino game which takes players to the factory of an enterprising rooster who has discovered how to increase egg production. In this 20 payline, 5 reel slot machine you’ll work at EggOmatic as he relies on your help in laying lots more eggs than his chickens. The chance for big wins awaits! Play free or real money and enjoy nonstop action right here at top New Zealand casinos like NetEnt’s!

Innovative Online Pokies

EggOmatic video pokies are beautifully designed and have a 3D design. The transparent reels are made up of mechanical parts, with sparks shooting off at random, while the bolt of lightning illustrates winning paylines. At every egg laid on the conveyor belt players can claim coins winnings as well as Spreading Wilds or Free Spins which come from eggs spinning in-between two roosters who seem to be talking about something that’s taking place behind them for you not to see it all unfold before your very eyes! On each reel is an assortment of clucky characters: water chick junior rooster hen smart chicken and big bad Rooster himself – they call him “King Cock” don’t ask me why I’m just

Winning with EggOmatic Wilds

With every spin of this online pokies game’s reels an egg is released from the machine. If a successful combination is lined up under the egg, it will fall from above and trigger a win. If you happen to find that one elusive Wild Rooster symbol on any reel when an egg has aligned below it, then your prize awaits as if by magic in its hands: cash or free spins are guaranteed; multipliers may also be revealed! And even more exciting for our lucky players: Spreading Wilds turn all diagonal and adjacent symbols into winning combinations at once so they can potentially get really big payouts without having to wait too long with each new round’s rotation.”

Big Online Pokies Rewards

Free Spins eggs will trigger the bonus feature where a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 50 free spins are awarded. With every spin another egg will be placed on the reels, rewarding players with further free spins, cash prizes or spreading wilds! Should you come across any coin wins in this New Zealand casino game for Kiwis then up to 125x your initial stake could be yours!

Have an Eggstatic Time at our Casinos!

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