Watch Avalon Pokies Bring Legends To Life!

Avalon Online Pokies Review

Join the company of King Arthur and his Knights on a quest for the treasures of Avalon! With 20 paylines, 5 reels and plenty to do in this mythical land you will never want to leave. There are Wilds, Scatters plus bonus games galore so there is always something happening when you play Microgaming’s legendary online pokies game.

Gamble Feature on Payouts

If you are an avid pokie player and enjoy playing for the thrill of it, then Avalon online pokies is a great place to start. The many different games on offer will have something which suits your taste in gambling – from simple card tosses with high payouts through to more complex features like Gamble Feature where gameplay can get as exciting as any Vegas casino game!

Avalon Reel Symbols

The magical treasures of Avalon are featured on its reels, alongside lower value symbols. In the right combinations, these symbols could prove very lucrative for you. Standard playing card symbols of 10, Js Q K and A make up the lower values while a crown as well as coat-of-arms brooch chalice treasure chest enchanting Lady Of The Lake makes up higher with bonus symbol which is island that’s magically enchanted from all those legends about King Arthur and his Knights And troubadours who want to discover more wonders within this game!

Magical Scatter Symbol

The Lady of the Lake is a keeper in more ways than one. In legend, she was entrusted with guarding Excalibur; but now, on Avalon online pokies , you can find her as both Scatter symbol and multiplier! When at least three appear anywhere on reels 1-5 to trigger the free spins round — which comes with its own powerful string attached–the number of multipliers available varies depending on how many scatter symbols triggered it: five will get your winnings multiplied by 200x!

The Legend tells us that The Lady of the Lake had been given responsibility for holding onto King Arthur’s sword after his death – though these days we know her better as an important part (Scatter Symbol) in our favorite game

Two Wild Symbols

The Isle of Avalon is the mystical realm where King Arthur first found his Holy Grail and was sent to heal after being wounded in a battle. This is one symbol that you shouldn’t let your eyes drift from, as it can help make winning combinations by substituting for other reel symbols on any active payline. Five or more will get you an eye-popping jackpot! Speaking of big wins, if five treasure chest Scatter symbols appear during free spins rounds then players are guaranteed hefty winnings too.

With Avalon Pokie, you get to experience the legend of King Arthur and Lady of the Lake for yourself! In this story, Merlin is trapped in a tree by Viviane. He knows that his captor wants him because she‘s been eagerly awaiting someone who can replace her with only one female heir left alive from her lineage: Nimue – just as he had done earlier while imprisoned himself within an apple (which led to Morgana being conceived). His quest begins when he meets Gwenevere at Camelot Castle.

Avalon pokies take players through many adventures throughout this legendary tale including meeting up with Sir Lancelot along their way down south then capturing Gwenivere before rescuing all three swords needed during thunderous battles against

A Sequel that’s Equal!

Avalon II is a sequel to the popular Avalon slot machine game that was released in 1999. In this online pokies game, Microgaming took what worked with its predecessor and added new features for an experience more suited to modern gamers.

Pokie lovers have been waiting a long time for this one and it will not disappoint. With better graphics, more features, and even more ways to win than ever before you can be sure that the next sequel is going to make history.

The new Pokies 2 game has what everyone’s wanted: Better Graphics! More Features! Even MORE Ways To Win!! You‘ll love all of the upgrades they’ve made from the first version – there are just so many things we want to tell you about but don’t worry because as soon as our review goes live on Monday 12/14 at 8am EST absolutely everything is fair game for discussion right here in this comment section below 🙂

Get it ALL at a Microgaming Casino

What people don’t know is that pokies games can be just as thrilling and captivating as real life adventure. You may also find yourself in a world of fantasy, medieval style! The Avalon Pokie Games will provide you with the opportunity to escape reality (if only for one night). With their bonus rounds and expansive gameplay options, these games are sure to excite even the most seasoned player. To take this journey into an imaginary realm all you have to do is complete quests like finding treasure or saving maidens; it’s up-to-date technology that makes such high end titles possible.

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