The New Zealand Lottery

The New Zealand Lottery

There’s something for everyone in the New Zealand Lotteries game. Whether you like a good chance of winning money with Powerball, or want to scratch off your ticket and see what Instant Kiwi has in store, this is one event that can’t be missed!

The New Zealand Lotto is a large, popular lottery that has donated more than 3.6 billion dollars to the grants board since its inception in 1987 and it’s distributed across institutions like Sport NZ, Creative NZ and Film Commission of New Zealand for various causes.

The lotto game is broadcast every Saturday night at 8pm and entails six balls and one bonus ball drawn from a 40-ball machine. The main prize can be won if players have marked the same line with all 6 numbers in accordance to what pops out of the machine. Players can either select their own numbers or they could opt for randomly issued ones, by way of Lotto Dip; after four weeks without a winner, that fifth week becomes mandatory winnable draw as well!

The NZ Lotto Strike

Introduced in 1993, the Lotto Strike lets players add 4 numbers with the aim being to match one of four preset groups and get a share. The minimum jackpot for this Kiwi game is NZ$100 000 but can go up as high as $2 million if it’s not won by someone else before then. If you manage to pick just one or two out of your group that lines up exactly from what has been drawn so far, you’ll also be awarded at least something because only those are considered winners!

The NZ Powerball

Players wishing to play the New Zealand Lotto will need at least four Powerball numbers per ticket. This is a requirement of buying tickets, and it’s important to note that there are different machines for each number range: 1-10 or 11-20. If they draw one from both ball pools on the same line then you’ll get prize pool money in addition to your lotto winnings!

Instant Kiwi Scratch Cards

Instant Kiwi scratch cards are a favourite for young and old, with prizes that can exceed $1 million. Whether you’re into crosswords or playing Fully Loaded, there’s an Instant Kiwi card out there just waiting to be scratched!

New Zealand Lottery Bullseye

Bullseye is a quintessentially Kiwi game that players can enjoy for $2 per game. With a price of $2, you could win more than 100k with your lucky numbers!

The Winning Wheel

It’s hard to believe that the Winning Wheel, one of New Zealand’s iconic game show hosts for over 40 years, is finally retiring. With a 16-digit number assigned to every ticket and drawn along with it at the studio where it originally aired in 1976 on TV3 before moving to Sky One in 1991 when 3 went digital. The winner gets an all expenses paid trip here after buying their lotto tickets cheaply from any licensed retailer or outlet nationwide carrying them including supermarkets like Woolworths (NZ) Ltd., Countdown Supermarkets NZ Limited – which are super convenient by way of being open 24 hours a day!

This year has seen both major changes take place: not only will there be no more live broadcast but also new host Geoff Simpson