The most beautiful and original cards to have unique and exciting games

Since antiquity, the cards are used as a tool to play. They are a made of thin cardboard that has different symbols and numbers printed on them. The most popular are the Spanish and French. In the first, the classic symbols of swords, cups, golds, and clubs are identified; while the second is made up of diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs.

Different designs of playing cards:  beautiful and original

For table games such as poker or blackjack, cards are usually used with the classic designs mentioned above. However, they are an element that represents a virgin canvas to create new images without losing the essence and meaning of the cards. In this way, thousands of graphic designers have put into action their creativity and ingenuity and have launched to the market a host of cards with very beautiful and original symbols, such as those shown in the following content:

Inspiration of nature

Nature has undoubtedly always been the best muse for artists. It’s simple and complex at the same time, and its beauty is simply something almost magical. For this reason, it is common to find references to nature everywhere, flowers, landscapes, animals, and many other things. All this has been transferred to the design of the cards, in addition to allowing the games to remain equally fun, evoke and put players in contact with Mother Earth.

Such is the case of rainbow cards, that wonderful natural spectacle that results when the sunlight is reflected in tiny particles of rainwater, producing a colorful appearance very pleasing to the eye. In this sense, the designer Fredericks and Mae created a cards deck where he imitates the series of colors that make up the rainbow. On the other hand, animals have also served as a wonderful source of inspiration. In this way, the cards of the animal kingdom are quite special, because to begin with, they replace the human’s images, such as the king and queen, by animals such as the walrus, the polar bear, and penguins, among others.

Likewise, these cards are about sending a positive message about the care and preservation of the planet, because, in addition to having symbols of nature, they are made with paper produced from sustainable forests. Also, when making the purchase of them, $1 corresponding to the cost, will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Original designs by Bycicle

Bycicle is a company run by the designer Brosmind, originally from Barcelona, who has launched striking and extravagant designs of deck cards. One of these is intended for all those who love the old and the antiques. Well, it’s totally new cards, but created with a faded effect and with touches that give it a look of old age.

Similarly, they have cards for unique tastes, thus existing models with strange-looking clay creatures that are inside a container that represents the diamond of traditional cards. It also has other designs that can be a little scary, but without losing the fun and originality that characterizes Bycicle.


Based on literary works

The cards can also be seen as a book with clean sheets to create artistic work. In this case, reference will be made to literature, with such famous personalities as Tim Burton and Jane Austen, two writers of opposite styles, but which are undoubtedly the favorite of many people in the world.

In this sense, Dark Horse Comics under the supervision of Tim Burton himself created a card game based on the classic melancholy death of Oyster Boy and other stories. In them, the traditional cards like the king, queen, Jack, and Ace charge a more gloomy aspect with the characters of the story. While those inspired by Jane Austen were created and illustrated by Hugh Thomson and Chris Hammond. These cards encapsulate all the essence of the protagonists of the most sought-after novels of the writer such as Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility, Emma Woodhouse of Emma and Charles Bingley of Pride and Prejudice.

Looking to the future

Pieter Woudt designed for Kikkerland a type of cards that transport anyone to the future with a presentation in pixels that can be seen through the cards that are available. This is achieved by the cards made in translucent plastic that has a central circle that hides the value of the deck. In this way, no player can see which card the others have. In this sense, the comparison can be made with the double-sided mirrors that exist in the police interrogation rooms.

Playing cards for cheats

For those who like to win and impress, Daniel Madison created a card game that has subtle markings on the back that change the design of the card and that only a knowledgeable person with excellent vision could recognize. In this way, they are the favorite cards of the magicians and those who cheat in the games.

Barajas inspired by card games

Whoever has a Windows computer in his house has surely dedicated himself to playing the solitaire card game that the operating system has. Taking this as a basis, the creative Evan Roth designed a card game that became a limited edition.

Cards made by children

These are very special cards, as their illustrations were made by children from South Korea. Despite being a little scribbled, no one can deny the beauty of a drawing made by children, which is also highlighted by the company Art of Play. Through each sale that is made of these cards, a percentage of it is intended to help children in developing countries that present needs.