Spin Boulder Bucks Pokies Reels To Win Big!

Boulder Bucks Online Video Pokies

I’ve always been skeptical of animated prehistoric fair – I have my dislike for the Flintstones to back up that statement. So when it came time to take a look at Boulder Bucks Online Video Pokies, I did so with some reluctance and trepidation. At first glance this game is made by Barcrest, which has never had many headlines because its new in today’s competitive climate where there are just too many providers on offer–in olden days you could make your decision quickly as Microgaming or Playtech were the two main suppliers of quality online casino software, but now if we’re talking about games like Boulder Bucks then they need an aggressive marketing campaign before people will even consider giving them any business!

It’s as if Barcrest was a hidden gem that fell through the cracks in history, but now you can finally see it shining brightly.

Nowadays there is an overwhelming amount of gaming providers and developers to choose from when deciding where your next game will be coming from. I mean just look at this list: NetEnt, Amaya, NextGen Quickspin ELK Studios SG Gaming Betsoft Play’n Go Yggdrasil – the list goes on! So what do we know about Barcrest? Well they haven’t been around for too long (founded 1995) yet have already won more than 650 awards with their awesome games like Rainbow Riches or Plenty O’Fortune slots which are still quite popular

A Quick History on Barcrest

Barcrest is an old company with a long and storied history. It started in the UK back in 1968, but it didn’t stop there! In 2006 they decided to enter into the online casino industry because their game quality was so good that you just had to play them on your computer or mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a new online casino to explore, then look no further than this company. They have great games with impressive graphics and sound quality that will keep you coming back again and again.

About Boulder Bucks

Boulder Bucks is an online casino game with PC and mobile implementations. Featuring a 5-reel, 3-row reel system for 10 paylines, Barcrest has created the perfect balance of simplicity in this release while still maintaining that sense of excitement you know when playing your favorite video pokies games!

So, if you’re looking for less combinations and better odds on your bets in the Ways reel system then 10 paylines is not enough. You need more than 200 winning ways to choose from! This means that a lot of new games have plenty of features which will make it easier for players find their perfect game without having to worry about betting strategies.

Boulder Bucks Features

Boulder Bucks Online Video Pokies is a slot machine game with many features to keep you entertained. The Pick Me Bonus and Free Spins feature are the most interesting of these, but there are also other exciting additions like Scatter Symbols that don’t need to be in any particular location on the reels for them to count as wins when they appear!

Once you’ve achieved this, you will see the real appeal of the free spin bonus game as it unveils a choice of not one or two but three different types – all with differing amounts! Each creature is representative from that bygone era – a mammoth, sabre-toothed tiger and pterodactyl. So choose wisely! But in summary your options are 20 free spins with Wilds on middle reel; 10 free spins with Wilds on 3rd reel; 6 Free Spins With expanding wild reels OR 5x multiplier for 2 consecutive rounds


Boulder Bucks Online Video Pokies is not bad. I found the graphics and sounds to be amusing, which in turn made me enjoy it more than other games that don’t have as interesting or funny of a design. The bonus features are also great for people who love extra opportunities to win! It’s nothing amazing but if you haven’t tried this game yet then what can it hurt?