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Contact us to discuss a personalized luxury wellness retreat experience in New Zealand. I have travelled to many retreat centres around the world and Te Moata is a priceless jewel. I love the simplicity of the lifestyle and how Te Moata invites me to slow down and breathe. It is a place of refuge, inviting everyone who visits it to listen to what’s deepest in their beings that they long to hear. This duration of retreat offers further insight into the practice of meditation as well as more time to embrace both the philosophy presented and the richness of experience. It is enough time to truly experience meditative states of stillness.

Enjoy a day exploring New Zealand’s landscapes, followed by a four-course dinner featuring New Zealand wine. Guests can choose to take dinner beside the cosy fireplace or on the deck with panoramic views of the Estuary and National Park. suites offer comfort away from the stresses of modern living.

The Top 8 Maori Culture Experiences In New Zealand

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at Epigenetics or Neuroplasticity, nutrition or mindfulness, the message is clear: we can either promote healing physically and emotionally or we can cause illness. We offer everything you need, from hydration to probiotics to alkalinity. build health from the digestive system outward. You can visit the Canterbury Museum to see rare Maori artifacts. The stories behind them will be fascinating.

There are three options for retreat accommodation: single, double, twin, or triple rooms. There is also a spa pool and a pool for relaxation, as well as a shared kitchen and WIFI. Split Apple Retreat an exclusive, intimate luxury lodge, retreat, and wellness spa will re-ground you over the next three days. The retreat is renowned for its gourmet Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, where every ingredient has been selected for its positive contribution to health and wellness. Yoga Ground retreats offer the chance to re-create space and connect with yourself, allowing you to find inner peace.

You will transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The South Island of New Zealand is a great place to retreat to yoga. Read more about try what she says here. Located along the magnificent Maruia River, this yoga retreat offers a 4-day program where you can relax and pamper yourself. Below, you’ll find our list of 6 amazing yoga retreats in NZ in 2022. Some meditation retreats are short, held over the weekend or any two to three days during the week, providing a quick getaway whenever you feel the need to hit the pause button.

The centre is very blessed to have Anton Bank — another wonderful Dharma Teacher and family man — as the main Resident Guardian. Many retreats include meals, so you can eat delicious vegetarian and vegan food prepared by Kiwis. This is also a great opportunity to sit down together and talk about your practice. The best thing about the retreat is that you can incorporate the meditation practices into your daily life. Packages include a naturopathic consultation, daily yoga, meditation, or sightseeing.

Try This Daily Aroha 10 Minute Yoga Class:

Yoga Ground offers meditation, breathing therapy, and postures. It also focuses on mindfulness and deeper practices. New Zealand is a great place to disconnect from the outside world, deepen your practice and take a break. This will allow you to learn how to be comfortable with silence and quiet your thoughts. Other mindfulness practices include breathwork, mindfulness walks and workshops.

Mingle with your hosts and fellow diners, while you enjoy delicious cocktails and 4 courses of the daily trust-the-chef menu. Enjoy a private barbecue and savor delicious mains and a healthy breakfast on your balcony. This child-free retreat is a favorite among honeymooners, foodies, and active couples seeking a remote wellness experience. Hapuka is a luxury eco-accommodation that offers luxurious accommodation in a natural setting.

Accommodation On The Island Of Rangitoto

The forever-in-bloom grounds at Temenos allow guests to embrace silent reflection in nature with morning walks through the entire reserve before healing sessions with the centre’s trained therapists. Song Saa, our next Vipassana retreat is located on a private island off Cambodia. It offers barefoot luxury to the ‘T’. Down to earth yet with all your creature comforts, Song Saa promotes bespoke spa and wellbeing retreats focused on either detoxifying, blessing or healing over three to five days. Hemmed in by jungle, Song Saa brings together meditation, massage, bio-rhythm sessions and bath rituals, all blessed by their resident Buddhist monks.