Skycity Queenstown Casino Review

Skycity Queenstown Casino

As one of the best land-based casinos in and around New Zealand, Skycity Queenstown Casino offers a whole different kind of adventure to players. With excellent restaurants and bars that offer top quality food all day long, games for every taste as well as extras such as slots tournaments during your stay at this casino destination – you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

A good deal is always waiting just outside our door with the arrival of another wonderful year but if it’s not enough excitement for you then head over to SkyCity Queenstown Casino which guarantees great service along its list featuring exceptional locations, delicious dining options throughout each hour on the clock with plenty more including slots tournament prizes provided by us! You won’t be disappointed so come visit soon

Queenstown thrives off its tourism industry and for so many reasons. From a scenic point of view, Queenstown is located along Lake Wakatipu, a Z-shaped lake that’s beautiful features are the result of glacial processes. This landscape is home to incredible hallmarks of nature such as Jet Boarding in 2 minutes flat from one side to another or paragliding high above it all with views 360 degrees around you! As if this wasn’t enough there’s also skiing right on top too which has clear glacier waters almost inviting people into an icy bath where they can feel refreshed before going back out again – what better way than white water rafting over rapids? If adventure sports aren’t your thing then don’t

Casino Games at Skycity Queenstown

Queenstown is the perfect destination for those who crave a break. You’ll be able to take in all of Queenstown’s outdoor activities, and you won’t miss your online casino gambling too much because Skycity has an abundance of gaming machines and table games so that you can still enjoy gambling during your stay here.

Players of all stripes and denominations come to the Horizon Room for some high-stakes gaming. In our VIP game, players can play whatever they want – from poker to blackjack or craps with a minimum buy in of $500; not that many people are above this number!

Restaurants and Bars at Skycity Queenstown

It’s not hard to see that the Skycity Queenstown Casino is a popular and thriving establishment. But, we were disappointed by how few restaurants there are on site for such an important tourist center in New Zealand. The only restaurant at all is Wild Thyme Restaurant – fortunately it has great tasting food! Plus you can get pretty much any dish from $10 onward with their lunch specials they offer every day of the week like Monday thru Thursday between 11:30am-3pm or Friday & Saturday till 4pm.

The menu is a melting pot of traditional and new-age cuisine, with starters as simple as mince and toast for the more adventurous types to enjoy alongside specials like croquet mosieur. For all those salad lovers out there, you’ll be pleased that we’ve got some great ones such Thai beef salads or hearty meals such as lamb shank or char grilled Angus rump on offer today!

What’s on at Skycity Queenstown?

Skycity Queenstown Casino offers a variety of different events and promotions to keep their guests entertained. The most recent offer is “$75,000 in Return” where players are awarded $50 for every hour they spend at the casino or until they reach $250 cash back!

Skycity Queenstown Casino has all kinds of opportunities for its patrons – from new slot machines to fabulous prizes through exciting socials like tournaments, karaoke nights, live music performances by local musicians each weeknight starting at 7pm with no cover charge. It’s easy enough just to inquire about what’s happening when you go there (or check them out on Facebook) as something might be going on that will suit your tastes perfectly!