New Zealand Gaming Statistics

New Zealand Gaming Statistics

The Kiwi Lotto is the most popular game in New Zealand, and one of the few to see a sharp increase since its introduction. It was introduced at $1 per ticket on September 12th 1987, but as popularity grew it switched to 50 cents for a single scratch card or $2 for two cards with five numbers each by 1990 (a move that would be later amended). By 1998 sales were already up from their initial figure of just over 10 million dollars; they had more than doubled – topping out at 638.7million dollars!

The introduction of new games and technology has lead to a massive increase gambling in New Zealand. The industry is set for continued growth, with gamblers spending over $2 billion on their favourite game last year alone!

Casinos and Gaming Machines

New Zealanders are known for gambling, and the amount of gaming machines in New Zealand is immense. They’re even popular outside of casinos- showing how much they’re a part of everyday life here! Reports from 1998 show that there were 2 400 sites at which you could find these machines (and 13 000 standalone ones) by 1999; this would be followed up with 1 500 more inside casinos as well. In total back then we had over 20 thousand games to choose from – today it’s closer to 60 thousand!

The number of slot machine locations across New Zealand has increased rapidly since reports dating back to 1998 showed people playing close to 2500 slots out side their casino walls alone. This trend continued into 2000 when new government regulations allowed operators greater freedom

Technology’s Impact

Phone betting, aka telephone betting was something initially introduced by TAB and this added significant revenue, accounting for the 34.5% of its sports and racing turnover in 1998. At the same time Tab launched their internet gambling platform which took advantage of international trends – however many New Zealand players preferred to gamble online or on a mobile casino app that they could play from their phone rather than use traditional methods like landline phones when placing bets with TAB.

Online and mobile playing have proliferated in recent years due to various factors, including the convenience of being able to play or bet at any time. Nowadays anyone is just a few clicks away from purchasing chips for their favorite game – whether it’s roulette, blackjack, poker or sports betting. All you need are an internet connection (or maybe even your phone), some cash-money, and voila! You’re on your way inside Vegas with none of that pesky travel required beforehand. With lower overheads proprietors can also afford to accept lower minimum wagers which leads people like me who don’t want to spend tons of money but still enjoy themselves gambling; I can simply buy $5 worth instead of going all out by dropping five figures

Overall Casino Gaming Profit Generation

The casino gaming industry in New Zealand has seen a relatively consistent trend with 2015 thus far providing the most revenue. Since 2006 up until now, income from casinos in NZ is as follows:

2006 – $150m USD

2007 – $230 m USD

2008-2009 -$270 million US dollars*2010 – 2011 totals are unavailable (2011 figures were not available) 2012 saw an increase of about 55% to around $34 million*. 2013 and 2014 saw fluctuations between peaks of approximately 15%. The financial results for 2015 have been noted at being the best so far; over half way through this year alone it has generated more than double what was brought in last year.*2015 will see that number grow even higher if predictions hold true

Comparable Gaming Trends

The information for New Zealand’s online casino gaming trends is unavailable and or limited. However, land-based casino trends are very similar to those of online casinos. For instance, pokies machines account for roughly 80% of machines in land-based casinos and sites outside of casinos. The same can be said for online casinos with the majority their games being internet poker slots . Online Casinos tend to offer more types on game as a result no physical restrictions but if it comes down what type they designate them then the two mimic each other – around 80%.

Both casinos offer the same amount of pokies and table games from a percentage standpoint. From an entertainment perspective, each casino offers something different that players will love! For example, Twin River has over 500 slots for your enjoyment while Newport Grand only has 225 slot machines to choose from. The result is more variety at one casino than another based on player preference alone!