Neteller As A Payment Option At Nz Online Casinos


Playing pokies online is a national pastime in New Zealand. For those looking to play for real money, they must have an account with a casino and make a deposit into that account. This used to mean going through the tedious process of making bank transfers which would take days before getting access their funds again; now there’s new, easier way.

It’s no secret that playing poker machines (pokie) is popular among Kiwis who love gambling – but if you want to bet on these games for real cash then it means opening up accounts at casinos like SkyCity Casino NZ so as not only get your hands on some great bonuses but be able to put down bets too! When setting-up any kind of banking

NETELLER is not just a free digital E-wallet service, but also an online payment system that gives players the power to deposit and withdraw money from any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world. It’s accepted at almost every online casino around New Zealand! In this NETELLER review we’ll find out more about its benefits as well as which of our researched casinos are best for it.

Among the many casino games on offer, JackpotCity stands out as a favourite of ours. But first let’s check what you can find at this online gambling site:

– Slots – video poker ……………………………………………………………….. keno …………………………………………………….. table games (including roulette) ……… sports betting …………….. bingo ….. and much more!


To find out more about NETELLER, we need to understand what a digital wallet is. A web-wallet (or eWallet) is like an account with instant access to hundreds of online merchants around the globe that can be accessed from anywhere and used at any time without divulging your banking details; it’s perfect for casino deposits as you never have to worry about security because all transactions are done using one ID. You also get unlimited worldwide transfers which don’t charge international bank fees!

NETELLER is a digital wallet service that allows you to make transactions online. You can shop, deposit money into your casino account and transfer funds with ease all from one single account! Signing up for NETELLER in New Zealand has never been easier; just click on the signup button or link directly through their website.

With a web-wallet account, you can now transfer money to any country in the world with unlimited freedom. No more waiting for transfers or bank offices!

Funding Your NETELLER Account

NETELLER account funding has never been easier! You can link your local New Zealand bank account and transfer funds in whenever you need it. Deposit by credit card, debit card or other web-wallet payment systems are also available at competitive rates while ensuring that your personal and financial details remain 100% secure with the latest digital encryption technology.

Using a web-wallet account, you can easily and securely make transactions with your money at all times. You don’t have to worry about giving out sensitive banking information because the funds are already in your wallet online. Web wallets allow for instant deposits into any casino site that accepts them so they’re perfect for gamblers on the go!

Using NETELLER at NZ Online Casinos

When it comes to making a casino banking for deposits, the process is quick and easy. The best thing about this system? You can choose from more than 200 banks across 30 countries! This means that your favorite casinos are as close as your computer or phone screen when you decide to make an online deposit at any time of day or night – with just one click! Simply head straight to the cashier section on their website, enter how much money you want transferred into play-money dollars (or whatever currency they require), and then simply complete payment by choosing NETELLER logo among all other web wallets displayed there. Your funds will be processed immediately so not only do payments come in fast but withdrawals too happen quickly which gives players peace of mind knowing that

For all you night owls and early birds, the casinos never close. With NETELLER Cashouts – it’s easy to make a deposit, withdrawal or even cash out your winnings from any casino in just minutes! All that is needed for instant deposits are an email address and password – no hassle of filling forms with personal information, entering card details etc.. You can also withdraw funds instantly without having to worry about those annoying bank transfer fees.

You can shop online, make deposits to your casino account or transfer money back into a personal bank account with the winnings you’ve earned.

Neteller’s Net + Prepaid Mastercard

In New Zealand, you can sign up for a Net + prepaid MasterCard that is linked to your NETELLER web-wallet account. You then have the option of using this card as an ATM withdrawal method or in store purchases with any merchant who accepts Mastercard transactions. Quick and easy access to your funds means that playing for real money has never been easier!

NETELLER are the perfect option for players who prefer not to use a credit card and want their deposits and withdrawals quick, safe and simple.

NETELLER Online Casino in NZ

We’ve done extensive research to find you the best online casino in New Zealand that offers NETELLER as a payment option. This means that all the casinos listed on our site have been given the thumbs up from us as legitimate and safe online casinos, at which NETELLER can be used. One such an example is JackpotCity Casino NZ, which has been around since 1998. The casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and certified by eCOGRA®, so players can rest assured they are in safe hands when playing here!

By reading this article, you will learn about the NETELLER NZ casino and some of its most popular slots. Who doesn’t love a good gamble?

The Neteller Casino offers one-of-a-kind gambling experience that is tailored to your tastes. What are you waiting for? Start playing today!

How long does it take to make a withdrawal with NETELLER?

Depositing with NETELLER at an online casino in NZ is instant and will show up immediately on your account. Withdrawing winnings to a bank account can take 3-5 days depending on the hold times of both parties, but this varies from casino to casino so be sure you read our reviews for more info!

Can I withdraw money from NETELLER without verification?

Registering a NETELLER account is free, but you will be required to verify your details. If your records aren’t verified by the company within 6 months of registration, they may close down and confiscate any funds in that account until it’s been verified. However unlike online casinos using Neteller NZ who have no withdrawal limits on unverified accounts (until verification), at least this has some limitations for security purposes!

What is the minimum amount to deposit in NETELLER?

The minimum deposit is $10 and the figures don’t lie.

The meticulous details of these online casinos only make for a more enjoyable experience, making it easy to save money in order to play your favorite games or try out some new ones!

Which is better: Skrill or NETELLER?

The first thing to consider when looking at online poker web wallets is which one works for you. Skrill and NETELLER are two of the most popular options, with advantages (and disadvantages) unique to each wallet type. If this review was only about NETELLER NZ then we would recommend it as our preferred choice – besides being free, quick and easy-to-use in New Zealand, there’s also a world wide acceptance guarantee that can be used for shopping or withdrawing cash from an international casino anywhere on your next vacation!

Which cards are accepted by NETELLER?

NETELLER is an international web-wallet that accepts all major credit and debit cards. They also allow you to transfer funds from another account in the form of a bank or PayPal option, if preferred.