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European Online Blackjack From Microgaming

Microgaming is recognised as one of the world’s best developers in casino software. With a range of blackjack games, European Blackjack has become an online favourite among many fans and insiders alike for its traditional gameplay that relies on strategy rather than luck-based bonuses.

Blackjack’s History

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, and for good reason. The original form of this game was played on land-based tables all around Europe, followed by mobile versions that are now found in casinos across America and throughout other parts of the world. In addition to its popularity with players due to it being a fast paced gambling experience where you can win big or lose everything if you’re not careful (and everyone loves playing at least once!), Blackjack’s name also has historical significance – as “Twenty One” references both our aim in getting close enough to 21 without going over so we beat out the dealer (which means winning!) but also harks back historically since European variants were often called Twenty One too!

For many people

The game of blackjack may have originated in the noble homes of European aristocrats during 17th century. As cards became more accepted, Twenty-One spread to lower classes and was taken by early American settlers as they made their way across the Atlantic Ocean.

American vs. European Games

The methods of counting cards and winning in Blackjack have evolved over the years with different cultures adopting a variety. In American casinos, when both players’ hands are dealt out on top of each other for all to see, it is easier for dealers to keep track. However European versions hide one card until after everyone has made their first move as that makes it more difficult if not impossible to count how many remaining high value cards there are left in play; thus making some tables less risky than others even though they may look identical at face-value

The European original of Blackjack is a little more challenging than the American version, but you still have plenty of chances to win. In other words, it’s an even playing field!

The Microgaming Advantage

European Twenty-One is a card game that features crisp and realistic graphics, authentic background music, wagering anywhere from 1 to 1000 credits on each hand. The dealer’s initial cards are created by Random Number Generation software which has been independently audited and certified. If the dealers’ initial card is an Ace you can opt for insurance side bet where if they have a perfect 21 (the same rank as their first two cards) then you will be paid out 2:1

I am constantly trying to find the best way to use my money. I’ve been playing blackjack for a little while and, after reviewing some statistics about this game on Luckypedia, found out that there are other payouts outside of just getting 21 points yourself in order to win! There is 3:2 if you get exactly 21 as well as 1:1 when winning with any hand besides an ace or seven.

It’s always difficult finding ways where we can make our hard-earned cash go further – but luckily enough betting doesn’t have all those limitations! If you’re not into math (no judgement here), check out what types of bets give more bang for your buck than others by reading through these three articles over at ”

Where to Play

If you are a fan of European Twenty-One, Microgaming has an excellent version for both online and mobile betting. With generous bonuses at our recommended casinos below, playing this game is sure to be rewarding!