Krazy Keno Review

Krazy Keno Review

You can now play Krazy Keno – a new entry into the world of online and mobile keno. It’s been around since ancient China, which is why historians say The Great Wall was funded through playing it! So if you’re looking to fund your wallet then maybe give this game a try?

Krazy Keno is a new game from IGT that gets you to line up your numbers in different configurations and then tells you which ones are winners. You can play it for free at Mr Green’s website, where the iconic green frog also offers hundreds of other games worth checking out as well!

Krazy Keno & more at Mr Green

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If that isn’t an indication of the range and options available for players then we’re not sure what will convince you!

Playing Krazy Keno

Krazy Keno brings the keno experience to a whole new level with its fast paced gameplay and exciting bonus features. Krazy Keno lets you select up to 10 numbers of your choice, which can range from 1-80 in order to rack up big wins against the house. But don’t worry if all those high stakes sounds too crazy for you! There’s also a low risk version that allows players pick just five numbers instead – meaning there are more chances at winning without risking as much cash every time they play.

The green numbers will make your eyes pop and the bonus ball is a real game changer that can be life changing!

Krazy Promotions at Mr Green

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