Instructive for those who venture into Video Poker

If you have ever been attracted to video poker or simply have been curious to know how the drums located in the slots and a round of poker is different, here you will find everything you need to clear your doubts and learn a little.

The main combinations that make up the hands will be shown, you will know the best way to enjoy the funniest games, games centres with machines that have video poker and that are paid. In addition, you will know more about the pioneer in the construction of games of this class.

Operation of the poker video game

For those who do not distinguish a video poker game from a traditional slot machine and want to familiarize themselves with all the features of these casino games, they will make a very interesting and complete tour so that they understand the differences.

Those who start in poker tend to get confused with this, but they should not worry, because it happens very often. If you have the disposition to learn, then let’s check all the myths of the game, as Benjamin Franklin expressed it.

Returning to the plot of the matter, video poker games, and slots, both differ in that chance intervenes a lot in the results of the slot machine. The mechanism of the machines is designed to work when making a bet and proceed to spin the drums.

Once this action is specified, the result is expected. In contrast, in video poker, you must use rules that belong to traditional poker. Each player elaborates his game form, taking the casino line to the bottom and scoring major victories, which he cannot do with the slots.

It is good to know that you can recover the money invested using a table that supplies video poker. This is a great help to calculate the amount that corresponds to the payment and choose a machine that has been programmed to pay higher dividends.

Calculation of payment regulation

As the tables that provide information on video poker payments are reviewed, you can see two types, the colour rounds, and the full house. In the latter, you can recover the investment between 8 and 6 points. As for the possibilities of downloading, they can be modified between 5 and 6 or vice versa.

When you reduce the chances of returning the investment using a point, you get a reduction of the part of the refund of the total investment, which is calculated at 1.1%.

Finally, the game that provides 7 points with the purpose of completing a full house and about 5 points to make a flush decreases the amount of the RTP to 96.15%. Being the lowest rate obtained during a video poker game.

Despite this, this amount is comparable with what, on average, is obtained in slots that often provide an RTP between 93% and 96%, reaching 97% seldom. In a video poker game that has 9 points in your hand and 6 in the colour ladder, you will have an RTP of 99.54% in a very long time.

But in practice, it is shown that this constitutes a principle and not a limitation. Games that provide an RTP of 99.64% or performance of 100.15% can be found in the guide, with a wide variety of titles.

For the calculation of the performance in the video poker of your preference, there are specific calculators for it. But if you do not want to use them you can use your skills. Also, there is specific software to guide you as to the cards you must reserve and from which you must get rid of.

Using the statistics, there are a total of 32 options to choose from. Also, the table that shows the skills can be a great help, even though the results they throw are not very accurate. The positive side is that it has a value of 5 pounds sterling.

Rules to develop the Video Poker game

There are many versions, each one different from the other, but taking into account the traditional rules for online video poker games or from a game centre, they all have the same basic principles.

These games, such as Caribbean Stud or Texas Hold’em, have an algorithmic procedure that influences the hand. So, the figures generate algorithms in the game that are subsequently transformed into the drawings of the cards.

In each of the laboratories specialized in testing the games, all the provisions are taken to ensure that there is no manipulation. In this case, the level of randomness given by the algorithms is very important.

Video poker consists of 2 decks or 52 cards. When a random number is generated, the numbers that will intervene in the hand are provided; as well as those that are seen in the table. With this information you can make the decision on the letter that will be retained or discarded, taking into account the basic rules and the list of skills to achieve an excellent result.