Golden Lotus Pokies Review

Golden Lotus Online Pokies

Luck is something that everyone needs in their lives, but sometimes it can be a struggle to find. Fortunately, there are plenty of lucky objects- four leaf clovers and pennies come up as examples- and you may have overlooked one the easiest ways to stay on your toes: playing Golden Lotus online slot machines! This game comes with all the good luck symbols like an ancient Chinese flower called “Golden lotus”, free spins rounds where players could win $1200 instantly if they hit five wilds at any position, or bonus games which also promise winning potentials by rewarding high risk gamblers for taking chances with tricky features such as stacked reels (two different styles,) gamble feature allowing gamers not only chance at doubling their wins from 1x2x

If you’re not feeling lucky, why don’t you try your hand at Flower Power Slots? Betting is as low as a penny per spin and it’s compatible with both mobile devices and desktop machines. The slot machine backdrop features an idyllic Chinese garden filled to the brim with beautiful flowers that seem far removed from any worries of modern life. As for bonuses there are three different types: The White Lotus Bonus which offers regular awards; Golden Lotus Progressive where players can win up to 100x their bet on one or more consecutive spins in addition to free games rewarded by bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1-3; Lastly we have the traditional Garden Feature rewarding 10 coins upon 3 matched wilds occurring during Free Games mode.


Golden Lotus has a 5×3-reel grid that runs on a 25-payline mechanic. The high paying symbols are all oriental themed, including Chinese lanterns, Ming vases, Jade green dragons and Geisha girls. Golden lotus is the Wild symbol and it will replace all others to create more winning combinations; It’s one of the highest paying symbols in game with its awards ranging from 100 to 800 coins for 3 4 or 5 symbol combinations. White Lotuses are Scatter Symbol(s) which can easily increase your total bet by up to 500x!

Special Features

Players will be enchanted by the magic petals of this flowery fortune, as they can land on reels and lock Wilds in place for up to 10 spins. The most interesting feature is its locked Wilds – when one lands it remains locked until a player decides otherwise or if three Geisha girls symbol appear to release Free Spins.

The Lotus is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It’s no wonder that this ancient flower can be found in the Chinese Garden as well – but not just one or two, four! 4 Golden lotus flowers will trigger an exciting game feature for you to enjoy-can’t wait? 3 golden lotuses provide some great prizes too. Keep your eyes peeled though: after any spin you stand a chance at triggering our progressive jackpot, which has potential payouts worth five times what it takes to hit!

Lotuses are symbols of wealth and success according to certain cultures all over Asia; they’re also said have magical powers like bringing luck with them wherever they go–that sounds pretty awesome if we think about how much work goes into getting

Where to Play

This flower power themed pokies game has some nifty features and graphics, so it’s a naturally good-looking machine. If you want in on Chinese action, then more than one mobile/online casino might have what you are looking for. We recommend Casino Midas though; they offer highly entertaining games that will get any type of gamer excited–especially with its generous welcome bonus worth NZ$1000 and 200 Free Spins! Golden Lotus is very enjoyable as well thanks to the two bonus rounds and progressive jackpot. Give it a try today!