Golden Book Online Pokies Review

Golden Book iPhone Pokies

Golden Book Online Pokies takes you on a journey through the Arabian Desert to find an elusive and coveted item known simply as The Golden Book. Legend has it that once in your grasp, this book will grant its user otherworldly powers–but getting there is not going to be easy! Luckily for you, with enough patience and luck at play during gameplay of Golden Book Video Pokies Game Machine from IGT Gaming Systems Inc., all fortunes are possible-and even more so when taking into account game features like wild symbols which can replace any symbol except for bonus or scatter logos.

Play at Play Amo

Golden Book Online Video Pokies, a game produced by Amatic Industries and available to play at Play Amo casino is one of many games that excite players with their thrilling themes. With so many different software providers powering the site it’s pretty easy for users to find something they’ll enjoy!

Play Amo offers players a wide variety of games, from Golden Book Online Pokies to live casino. They have such an enjoyable experience that you can enjoy without having to travel too far or even put on real clothes! To top it off they offer up NZ$500 in bonus cash and 200 free spins.

Look and Feel

In Golden Book Online Video Pokies, you’ll journey across a vast desert in search of the coveted golden book. Along your way, you’ll find princes and princesses that will help aid with your quest. The backdrop is exotic animals as well as opulent palaces which are all waiting for their king or queen to claim them! Watch out for these win-enhancing symbols: wilds and scatters make this adventure more fun than ever before!

Bonus Features

Golden Book Online Video Pokies is one of the most popular games in Vegas. The game has a standard win-enhancing symbols – Wild and Scatter, which will improve your chance to win. You can also get 5000 coins if Princess fills an active payline or 2000 coins when Prince does it too!

The Scatter & Wild Symbol

This is the Golden Book. This book rewards you with a jackpot if it appears five times in row on an active payline and also gives 10 free spins when three or more of this symbol appear anywhere on reels. The Scatter, which pays any position, can be rewarding too because it will provide quite some coins just for appearing once!

The Wild symbol is on hand to support all of your wins, and it will do so by replacing any high-value symbols in an active payline.

Final Verdict

Golden Book Online Video Pokies is a simple casino game that doesn’t require much to play. It’s easy enough for anyone, and can be enjoyed by all ages with no real detriment other than what you’re willing to spend on it!