Fruit Fiesta Fun Game

Did I tell you the last winter I was in Russia; I was working in a blue ice factory. There I was a manager; basically it was ice cream factory. And my favourite ice cream was fruit ice-cream. The recipe of the famous ice-cream was the essence of enzyme peel and paprika fruit. One day my friend came at my home and I served him in a white bowl with some jelly shots.

Then at night we went to the pub and had some cocktails with Tuscaloosa, he had a habit to play casino games daily and I used to play sometime so we entered inside a spin palace the famous one there. There he played his regular game and I was sitting near the bar tender, he told me about a new slot machines name fruit fiesta. It was very popular at that time so instantly I opened my iPhone and found slot reviews of that one.

It was a 3 reel and 5 reel progressive fruit machine. The symbols 7s, bars and bells and the pictures are oranges, watermelons, pineapples and plums are shown on the machine. While playing online they give some other bonuses and gifts. But if you want to win jackpot then you have to play continuous three to five round if you hit it then you will win a big jackpot there, in a 3 reel players have to hit 3 fruit like three plum or three oranges. And in a 5 reel payline lemon and the apple makes it more fruiter.

If you miss the jackpot then you have choice to play five or three pokies. So play these colorful symbols and increase your winning chances and best payouts. So go and get the best opportunities to win jackpot with this online machine. slot online