Enjoy Gorgeous Reels In Adventure Palace Pokie

Adventure Palace Online Pokies Review

From the moats and jungle of Adventure Palace, you can explore an adventurous world where all your dreams are just a spin away. You’ll find dreamy castles, treasures to plunder, magical creatures that grant wishes – it’s like stepping into another dimension! This is Microgaming at its finest: 5 reels with exciting 9 lines for players who want more chances to win big. The game features Wild multipliers, Scatter Symbols which trigger bonus games free spins or even higher-value prizes if aligned 3 times during Free Spins mode; there’s also Gamble Feature (which could double/quadruple wins) and Free Games Mode in case luck isn’t on your side yet!

Carve your way through a

It’s an incredible, immersive experience that whisks players off to the heart of the jungle from their very first spin.

Adventure Palace Reel Symbols

Adventure Palace is a New Zealand casino game that uses standard playing card symbols for lower values and some of the denizens of the jungle. The animals include tigers, elephants, peacocks, swans monkeys and snakes. A palace in the jungle also appears on reels which are brilliantly rendered online through animations with slick music offering an amazing play experience to players who enjoy pokies!

Exciting Bonus Symbols

The Adventure Palace online pokies have two special symbols; the elephant and a palace in the jungle. Both of these symbols help your chance to win, with one being high-paying while also doubling as Wild symbol that can substitute for other icons on reel when activated. The only icon it won’t replace is its counterpart Scatter Symbol – fast becoming favorites among slot enthusiasts!

The Adventure Palace free spins are quite generous. If you have three or more of the Scatter symbols in any order, then 15 rounds will be activated for you to take advantage of. This is a great opportunity if your luck has been lacking lately! After each round is complete, there’s always an incredible chance that it could start again with another set – and these (if they appear) automatically come tripled with wins from this exciting feature

Double or Quadruple Wins

A popular addition to many of Microgaming’s online pokies, the Gamble Feature could see you double or quadruple your wins. The feature’s button on the Adventure Palace interface will be highlighted with every winning symbol combination. Selecting it will let you play a simple game in which you predict the colour and/or suit of each card drawn, with correct guesses resulting in a whopping win! If you get both cards right (either by guessing their colours correctly or matching them) then they’re automatically matched up together for an even bigger payout – from two times what was won before all the way up to four-times that amount if players also guessed their suits correctly too!

If you’re feeling brave enough to take on this game, then be ready for an adventure! You could even end up with more than what you started out with.