Easy Slider Pokies Review

Easy Slider

The Easy Slider pokies machine is an interesting take on motor bikes and burning rubber, with a couple bonus rounds that offer some lucrative earnings. The game features two bonuses; the Highway Bonus which offers cash prizes up to 500x your bet per line, as well as the Free Spins Bonus where you can win even more money for free!

Casino Midas is the go-to online casino for New Zealand players, and now it’s also home to Easy Slider.

The game has already been a hit in other countries like Denmark where Slotomania announced that they would be bringing over 51 of their games including this one.

Featuring five reels with 243 fixed paylines across them as well as three different bonus rounds; easy sliders might just tickle your fancy if you love slots! The high stakes don’t stop there either because Casino Midas offers up to $25000 per spin – meaning big wins are more likely than ever before!


The design of this game is impressive, with four different symbols that are both playful and powerful. The Wild symbol stands out as a woman on her motorcycle surrounded by flames. This makes sense for the theme since she’s in charge!

Special Features

The Easy Slider is an animated motorbike slider that measures how far you can enhance the Wilds. The rewards are greater and it will award 12x Enhanced Wild Multipliers during Free Spins when placed on reel 1 through 6, with maximum being unlocked at reels 3-6.

The best part about this game is the Free Spins! The Scatter symbols will light up your screen with 15 chances to win. There are plenty of features in-game that can help you score big, but watch out for those burning tyres – they’re slippery and hard to land on sometimes. If three or more scatter symbols come into view during a free spin round, any wins accumulated will be doubled and re-activated when players get 3+ scatters again later (beware: all bets from previous rounds remain untouched!). So what’s stopping you?

The gamble feature is an exciting risk-reward opportunity which lets you double or quadruple your last win. To do this, simply predict the correct colour and suit of a faced-down card by clicking on “Gamble.”

What’s Your Prediction?

The Gamble Feature is not for those who are just trying to make it through the day – but rather, for players looking for that big reward! Pick from red/black (suit) and green/red (colour), then click ‘Play’ if you’re feeling lucky. Remember: If black appears in both cases after making your prediction – don’t forget about our generous Double Up feature!

Where to Play

Easy Slider is the perfect game for those who enjoy motorbikes and firing up your engine. You will find decent shots at landing some real cash prizes with this slot, but you won’t be inundated by bonus rounds or animations like other slots games. This game can be found in more than one casino online, including Casino Midas where new players are welcomed with a hefty welcome bonus as well as plenty of engaging titles to keep them busy! If you love biker themed graphics and fast-paced gameplay then Easy Slider might just be what you need!