Dragonz Online Pokies Review

Dragonz Online Pokies

Charismatic characters, a win potential of up to 2,150,000 coins and interactive features are the name of the game when it comes to Microgaming’s dragon-themed favourite: Dragonz. Think reels of entertainment with nonstop winning potential as you get know all four dragons who have hidden bonus games just waiting for you to be unlocked! Let’s take a quick look at what makes this slot machine such an awesome choice.


Dragonz is 243 ways to win, and this makes it a fun slot for any player. You’ll have more chances of winning every game you play with the Dragonz online casino slots app.


Apart from the standard 9, 10, J, Q and K symbols which award a max coin pay-out of 1,200 for winning combinations; Dragonz features four high paying symbols. You’ll soon be familiar with Flint who is red in color followed by Switch (purple), Frost (turquoise) and Gobble(green). The most rewarding dragons are Flint & Switch that have a maximum payout of 5k coins each when up to five can land across the reels but they’re closely followed by frost and gobble at 2.5k coins respectively if you get them on your screen too!

The Wild symbol is one of the most sought after symbols in Dragonz. It can substitute for any other, but also has a special feature that when you land it on reel 3 with another non-winning spin – and will result in guaranteed wins as they replace all others.

After the Scatter, you’ll be looking for a Free Spin Feature. You can get four different types of free spins:

Bubbling Wilds – This is where all wild symbols on the screen will grow and move around to cover any position with their symbol! Loosey-Goosey Reel Stacking – The reels form at least two stacks before they spin which means that every time there’s another winning combination it could make each other stack higher! WILD Multiplier x4 in this case would mean anything up to 16x your winnings if you match enough combinations. Rolling Reel Symbols – For these games slots reel symbols are arranged into more than one row or column creating bigger wins when matched

Free Spins Features

The Dragonz slot game features four free spin modes and awards players with a special bonus for triggering the first 11 times. The player is able to select from one of these options once they trigger 12 or more Scatters, but if you are lucky enough to have triggered all 21 possible triggers in this mode then it will be time for some serious coin-grabbing action!

Dragonz offers four different ways to win on its reels plus an additional feature where after having played your last card, you can get dealt new cards up until that point without playing any further rounds (a ‘Mini Game’). But whichever Free Spins Mode pops up when 3 stars land upon each other there’s plenty of opportunity ahead!

Supported Platforms

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on their smartphone all day long. Have you ever wanted to be able play games while being stuck in traffic? Well now there’s an app for that! Dragonz is a new online slot game available for smartphones and tablets using Apple or Android operating systems as well as laptops, desktop PC’s with Windows 10 OS installed. It combines the fun of slots gaming with winning multipliers up to 100x your bet amount per line (up to $15)!

The best part about this game is its accessibility across platforms such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices running either Windows 8/8.1 or newer versions such at iPhone 7 Plus sporting iOS 11+. There are no excuses not to get started playing!

With many of the most popular Microgaming casinos always running their latest and greatest games, it’s never been easier to find a dragon-themed slot game. Sign up for your favourite casino today so you can get right in on all that award winning action!