Diamond Dozen Pokies Review

Diamond Dozen Online Pokies Review

Diamonds are to jewelry what Oreo is to milk. Whether you’re the king of chivalry or just a hopeless romantic, there’s always been something about this gem that has inspired some really breathtaking things in our culture – like blockbuster movies and now slot machines with great bonuses! Diamond Dozen Slot Machine provides an imaginative story-line where one must propose marriage when they win the sparkling diamond on 5 reels (20 lines). A modern cityscape envelopes your fairy tale for hours of entertainment because we know it never hurts to live out fantasies from time-to-time.

The high definition graphics bring images of twinkling diamonds straight into your living room so you can enjoy them without having to go through all those rounds at Tiffany’s

The symbols in the game are not only designed to tie into its theme, but also match up with a player’s budget. The A and 9 cards will be low valued while K, Q and J have higher values – as do the ring of roses or purse. There is no need for you to go anywhere – because whether it’s your PC browser or mobile device NZ has an establishment that offers pokies!

Symbols and Features

Landing three white diamond symbols activates the Diamond Delight feature. Click on one of the three diamonds to reveal a Multiplier, ranging from one to ten. This will then multiply your stake, which results in a lucrative reward! The white diamond is also the Wild symbol and can replace any other symbol (even itself) for better winning combinations; this makes it extra useful when there are not many ways left possible wins without being wilds themselves like blue or red ones as they cannot be replaced by anything else but another scatter icon at that point! Finally, landing on three blues yields 12 Free Spins with multipliers up 2x – what could have been an awesome win becomes even more impressive now…

Landing 3 White Diamond Symbols Activ

Extra blue and white diamonds will be added to the reels during this feature in order to increase your chances of triggering another bonus round. This title is one of our most popular pokies machines available at online betting establishments, with its rewarding bonuses features sure not only keep you entertained but also offer a bit more variety than some other standard games on the market today.


RealTime Gaming has been creating innovative gaming titles since 1998, becoming trailblazers in the world of online gaming. The range of casino games boast immaculate graphics and easy-to-trigger bonus features, which definitely brightens things up when compared to traditional titles. Most pokies machines are designed for PC, laptop and mobile devices, giving you access to quality gameplay at any time or place without needing a hefty download onto your device’s system!

Where to Play

Casino Midas offers a number of games on its website, and you can download it onto your mobile device to play anytime, anywhere. The welcome bonus for new members is NZ$1000 with 200 free spins! If pokies are what got you into gambling in the first place then this casino will be perfect due to how uncomplicated the game mechanics are- they’re easily suited for both novice and seasoned players alike.