Coyote Cash Online Pokies Review

Coyote Cash Online Pokies Review

Forget the old cops and robbers formula. Coyote Cash is an online pokies game that gives you all of their thrills, without any real-life consequences! With graphics so incredible they’ll have you on your toes at every second, it will feel like a classic heist in one fun casino adventure through RTG casinos

Imagine a world where you’re stuck in the middle of an intense, life-and-death chase. Coyote Cash Online Poker games are so inventive and exciting that they might just give your favorite cartoons some new competition!

These pokies games from RTG are wild rides through amazing environments with many opportunities to win big prizes. When we play these online poker machines made by RTG Digital Entertainment Group our perspective shifts into something like what Wile E Coyote would experience as he tries to catch his prey, The Roadrunner…

Playing Coyote Cash

Coyote Cash Online Pokies is a thrilling online casino game where the coyote’s robbery of cash and gold makes him an easy target for bank-robbing lawmen. The visuals are made up wacky rattlesnakes, cacti plants and big bags of loot! You can win 10 000 coins if five symbols line up on a payline as wilds.

The symbol of the eagle sheriffs is an interesting one, as they double all payouts it completes while substituting any other symbols with a few exceptions. The second highest jackpot reward if to have five on active line and that’s 5 000 coins for those lucky enough to land them there! But this isn’t everything about these great eagles–they also scatter into cash bags which can award 200 coins multiplied by your bet when you get five in a row!

It is always a good idea for anyone to get familiar with all of the symbols that they can, and this includes scatter. The green Loot bag Scatter symbol will award 20 free spins along with 4x multiplier if it lands on 3 or more scatters in any base game spin! With such high prizes available from just one round, you’ll want to make sure not to miss out on these opportunities by retriggering three or more red loot bags as well – because even though there’s no set amount of times you have access too, everytime an additional group appears earns your next rounds worth exponentially higher than before!

Final Thoughts

Coyote Cash doesn’t waste any time: it’s a fun and fast-paced pokies game, aiming to offer players an action packed gaming experience. It may have fewer features than some other games on the market but that just means you’ll enjoy more of what Coyote has to offer – namely 10 000 and 5 000 coin jackpots! If quirky is your thing (and who isn’t?) then this RTG slot should be right up your alley. Sign up today for real money play with NZ approved casinos before its too late!

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