Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies Review

Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies

Play’n Go is a company that has delivered one of the coolest casino games to have come out in recent times. By combining all genres of fantasy, they were able to produce Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies – a sleek production with full power used today’s video pokie technology and everything about this game looks amazing- from its graphics to cool sounds, innovative implementation for bonus features and theme. Like the name suggests, Cloud Quest takes place high up on an island inhabited by new age superheroes donning spandex armor which makes it more interesting than other slot machines

There are several different themed levels throughout the play screen including: Danger Dungeon slots where you explore dark catacombs; Jurassic Jungle Slots set amongst waterfalls as well as

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Start the Quest at Leo Vegas

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Playing Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies is a futuristic slot game with an engaging Tetris theme, offering 5 reels and 10 paylines. The main characters live alongside the spinning reels in various poses to add some personality!

The symbol of the golden eagle is wild in this game, and it will trigger Super Power Respins. With combinations happening diagonally, vertically or horizontally; winning matches are created when symbols combine to create new ones until all black spaces have been filled with matching symbols.

Super Power Respins

When you have collected 3, 4 or 5 power stones the meter will start to fill up. Once it has filled one section of your meter, there is a chance that you‘ll receive an extra bonus feature such as increased coin size and speed for 30 seconds!

The Bonus Game

The bonus game on the __________ pokies is not typical, but still offers a fun and exciting experience. It’s triggered when you clear out one of the rows with “bonus” under it by getting combinations; once that happens, the horizontal parts of your reels will turn into three smaller ones to play against an alien creature in what looks like a sci-fi stand off!

You’ll need to beat the monsters on your way up, but every time you land a winning combination of symbols like cherries and plums, those pesky aliens will be knocked down one level. The more levels they lose at once means that there is an opportunity for bigger rewards!

Our Verdict

Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies is an out of this world pokie experience! New age superheroes, a cloud island in the sky and Sci-Fi weaponry – what’s not to love? If you’re up for new adventures or looking for something challenging then Cloud Quest will be your favorite. Ready yourself now because it’ll take some time before we see anything like it again!