Chi Online Pokies Review

Chi Online Pokies Game

With thousands of online pokies titles and hundreds of themes to choose from, it’s rather refreshing to find a game that’s offering something completely different – an ELK Studios creation titled Chi. The game is all about balance in Chinese culture with the name referring not only to positive energy but also negative energy as well. This might be exactly why so many New Zealand mobile players are drawn into this addictive gambling experience – since they can see both sides!

It could also be the virtual machine’s beautifully crafted design, richly rewarding features, tranquil soundtrack or special betting strategy options. The game has a massive 12500x your bet winnings!

Serene Setting & Symbols

You may have heard of the game pokies, but in Chi we see a new take on what it means to be one. A left-to-right spinning layout and 27 paylines make for an unusual experience that is bound to win you over with its fantastic visuals like lanterns, lotus flowers, koi fish–all beautifully crafted into Chinese architecture complete with cherry blossoms dotting grassy hills.

You’ll find three special symbols that will pop up on the reels of your favorite online pokies game: Bonus, Wild and Free Spins. Plus, keep an eye out for two cartoon-like characters to show up on those same reels as well! Chi is a fire spirit who pops onto the screen every so often while Mow is a wind spirit with just as much luck in their pocket.

Perfect Balance of Features

As mentioned, Chi offers a wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbols (except Bonus and Free Spins) to create winning combinations. In turn, when 3 or more free spins appear on the screen they’ll trigger 10 15 20 rounds respectively of free games where cross your fingers for two stone sculptures–one blue and one red–to line up as this will prompt Mow to yell “Tim-ah!” which rewards you with 1-6 Wilds while at the same time Chi appears yelling “tim ah” in a different language awarding multipliers from 2x all the way through 5x!

Stairway to Fortune is triggered when three Bonus symbols appear on the reels. During this bonus game, Chi will draw numbers ranging from 1-6 and prompts Mow to move that amount of steps towards the fortune reel with a multiplier value as he goes. Should Chi draws ‘Collect’ during his journey around these many multiples, then it’s time for you to collect your reward!

Stairway To Fortune

If not, he’ll continue on to the Fortune Reels where one by one they will spin. One of them might reveal a multiplier that is worth 12,500x multipliers and this can get as rewarding as any pokies game out there!

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