Caveman Bob Online Pokies Game Review Enter The Dark Ages!

The Caveman Bob Online Pokies Game

Ever wondered what it was like to be alive during the prehistoric age? The latest online and mobile pokies game from Relax Gaming makes this dream a reality by giving you the opportunity to explore an ancient world filled with dodo birds, mammoths, and other extinct creatures. Caveman Bob is an online and mobile pokies game that players in New Zealand have come to love thanks its gorgeous graphics, vivid images – including those of huge tusked beasts roaming wild through their environments – as well as colours which are so rich they seem almost bursting out at you on screen!

Pokies is a game that lets players explore the primeval period and learn about Bob, an interesting looking caveman. The player can play on any device they want – PC, laptop or mobile phone for example- no matter where they are!

Symbols Inspired by the Ancient World

This game is a good pick for novice gamers who are merely testing the waters, as bet sizes can be decreased to as little 20 credits per spin. But, seasoned gamers are also catered to, with maximum bets of 100 credits available on each individual line. One symbol that stands out in this title is Bob – they offer up 15 times your stake when you land five across a payline and have plenty more chances at big wins throughout the 5 reels!

The Wild symbol is the only representation of color in this game. It helps form winning combinations by replacing any other symbols on board to create a successful line or column. This could be very helpful during low-value rounds where players are struggling for success, but it also has some drawbacks as well!

The square with “Wild” written on it stands out from all others because there isn’t another piece that comes close to being its match when you’re scanning through your screen full of rocks and squares looking for something good–it’s an important component in deciding whether someone will win big or not at their next turn

Spin to Win with Generous Features

Bob doesn’t like staying in one place for too long, so players can alter the environment he finds himself in by collecting different objects during gameplay. Once Bob has collected all of the items needed to visit each level and player chooses which world they want him to stay put on after completing 3 levels. There are randomly triggered wilds present that vary depending on where you find yourself:

These additional features can also be used at any time while playing a game:

Available to Play at LeoVegas Casino

Introducing a new way to experience the past in your own time. We’ve brought back ancient secrets with Caveman Bob, available for you at LeoVegas Casino!