Carnaval Pokies Review

Carnaval Online Pokies Review

The world-famous Rio Carnival can now be experienced at the click of a button! Experience all the color, music and excitement that is characteristic of this famous festival with Microgaming’s Carnaval. The game offers 5 reels for you to enjoy on your desktop or laptop computer. You have five paylines as well which offer big wins up to 500x your stake when Wilds appear in any position on one consecutive spin line – so watch out for those symbols!

Enjoy Microgaming Quality

An exciting carnival awaits you at Carnaval! Tons of awesome games to enjoy, bright and bold graphics that will capture your attention for hours on end. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a game or two that won’t entice you with its addicting action. Whether it’s the shark fishing adventure where the aim is catching those pesky sharks in order to win big prizes, or playing slots if only for some quick thrills – there are plenty ways here waiting just for YOU! The interface has been completely redesigned from scratch so even beginners can join in this party without any problems whatsoever. There are three options when betting: how many lines do want? How much should each bet cost? And what value would like per coin (max

Carnaval features a spin button and an autoplay feature, making it easy to play for those who are too busy or distracted. The game operates on its own by selecting the number of spins you want your machine to run before stopping if certain conditions have been met. Carnaval is perfect for anyone looking to get in some games without having time constraints!

Carnaval on the Reels

Helping you enjoy the best of Carnaval is a reels that features colourful themed symbols, as well those borrowed from playing cards. The higher-value and bonus icons are also theme based with items like banners, clowns, dancers in costumes; trumpets and more! Joining these on top New Zealand casino sites are Wild icon which work to add some magic into your game play while Scatter symbol helps trigger free spins for an added opportunity at winning big prizes

Wonderful Wild Symbol

With a chance to earn four times your bet with the Wild symbol, it’s no wonder why this pokie has been such an addicting game. The wild can substitute for all of the lower and higher value symbols on reels 1-5 to help create successful combinations that will result in big payouts! However, when you see the scatter symbol anywhere else other than reel 5 or 6 (which are both adjacent), then players won’t be able to win any multipliers from these two positions.

The one thing about Carnaval online pokies is their unique design features which make them so much fun! For example, if someone gets five scatters at once they have a chance of earning up 400x what was wage

Scatter Symbols Pay Anywhere