Big Top Pokies Review

Big Top Online Pokies Review

Step into the big top and experience Microgaming’s Big Top online pokies game! It features five reels with nine paylines. Wild symbols are scattered across each reel, while Scatter symbols gives you free spins when they appear on any of your enabled lines. The circus theme adds to this fun, colorful New Zealand casino favorite – perfect for all ages!

Circus Themed Online Pokies Action

The sound of the excitement as you play is like no other. You’ll feel it race through your veins and get that adrenaline pumping with every spin on Casino Online’s interactive Big Top Slots game! With so many ways to win, there are plenty of reasons for everyone joining in this slot machine journey, all while having a blast waiting for what could be next-your lucky number or someone else’s fortune?

The AutoPlay feature is a treasure chest of features. You can set it to stop on wins, or when your credits increase or decrease by an amount that you’ve decided in advance and even if you’re just new to the game! The interface couldn’t be more intuitive with customizable settings for every player’s preference – from novices all the way up through experts.

Circus-Themed Reel Symbols

The Big Top online pokies circus features animals, so it’s a great place for animal lovers to get their fix. Animals run the show and staff most of the roles in this circus, but there are some humans too – including clowns! The highest paying symbols at these games include lions, elephants and even bears (you can always expect that).

If you want to win, the symbols need to appear from left to right on active paylines. If a scatter appears anywhere on the reels, it will award at least 10x your initial bet!

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The monkey wearing a purple collar is the Big Top Scatter symbol. Unlike other symbols, this one can pay out from anywhere on the reels and it’s more lucrative! The payout for three (3), four (4) or five of these symbols will be added to your line wins. If you have any clown Wild Symbols then they could help bring in some big wins as well–they substitute all but scatter icons so make sure if you get them that they are substituted correctly because winning combinations depend on correct substitutions being made throughout gameplay.

If you’re looking for a game that has enough excitement to keep the whole family entertained, then Big Top is just what you need! Whether it be online or in-room play at one of New Zealand’s top casinos, this enthralling circus themed pokies machine will charm everyone with its high quality graphics and engaging gameplay.