Andre The Giant Online Video Pokies

Andre the Giant Online Video Pokies

The Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre The Giant was a true phenomenon that lived in his day. Known for signature moves like choking people with one hand and chopping forehands across their necks, he’s part wrestler legend -and you’re about to take him on at $0.25 per spin!

You can now play with Andre the Giant online in a video pokies game hosted by NextGen. This means you’ll get to enjoy all of their winning features and high entertainment value!

Play for Giant Wins!

NextGen Gaming has created a new online pokie that is sure to excite and amaze Andre the Giant fans. Featuring digitized images of his signature moves, this game will remind players why he was an absolute wrestling legend!

This is one pokies game that will pay homage to the memory of a wrestler you know and love. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines, this New Zealand online casino has all kinds of scenes associated with wrestling on display: masks; tickets; fan gloves – even steel chairs! Andre The Giant is your wild symbol in reel 2 or 4 which can bring giant-sized wins your way when he’s around.

With Andre on the reels, it’s like you’re fighting a wild animal. He expands and covers all 3 positions to create great profit-bearing possibilities because he’s always ready for an attack! When Free Games start up after getting three or more Scatter logos in submission, 10 spins will count down while collecting special attacks before taking part in an impending fight following those free games. The excitement continues when they enter the next round of play with ten additional spins that are both exciting and profitable as well!

Andre is ready to take on all challengers and you’re the champ. Choose which Attack moves they’ll use against their opponent, then watch as Andre pummels them into submission. Do enough damage in one round and you can choose from a range of options including his Signature Finishing move that could lead to an increased pot payout up 20x your triggering bet!

This is a Giant-Sized Casino Game!

Andre the Giant Online Video Pokies has more than enough features to call it a one-of-a-kind game. It offers 3 different bonus rounds with an impressive base for prizes, as well as multiple providers of casino software. Go ahead and give this NextGen online gambling experience your best shot!