Amazing Riches Pokies Review

Amazing Riches Online Pokies Review

Online pokies players in New Zealand have grown accustomed to various themed games, whether it be sport, food, music or adventure. But one that’s stood the test of time is those rich and brightly coloured gems. At the end of a day there are two things that matter most when playing online pokie: bonuses and themes! And with Amazing Riches from PariPlay you get both. You may find this new game attractive especially if you live in NZ because its theme revolves around treasure chests (which we all love).

Amazing Riches is a video slot game that combines the popular theme of riches with exciting, but simple symbols. In addition to great bonus features such as Multipliers and Free Spins rounds; players will also have access to extra chances for winning in two other ways: Gamble Feature where you can double your wins or lose them all, and Features Round which includes Lucky 7s Wild Symbols. All these elements make Amazing Riches an absolute joy to play!

Symbols and Bonus Features

Amazing Riches is a 5-reel, 3-row, 50-payline online pokies game that features different coloured gems as the main symbols: yellow, orange. green blue and purple. There are also other important icons such as teal star which can help players unlock free spins bonus feature by coming in handy when player needs it most! On left side of the screen there’s Jackpot icon with predetermined amount for every type of gem according to their colour on reels 2 – 4 if you get three same ones come up on them then they’ll pay out corresponding credit worth from meter next to each one depending on what kind they’re playing odds wise or not but all will depend largely upon luck anyways so good luck everyone

There are many symbols in this game, and landing three of the mixed gem icons will award players with a cash prize. Three scatter symbols triggers 7 free spins where additional bonus spin bonuses can be earned. Amazing Riches also has an interactive Quickspin feature which speeds up reel spinning to provide increased chances at winning big!

Where to Play Amazing Riches

New Zealand and Australian pokies players don’t have to search too hard for a game that provides the right amount of challenge with some enticing bonus features. Amazing Riches by PariPlay has you covered on both fronts! Just click “help” if you need assistance or want to read up-to-date info about what’s happening in this exciting slot machine, like how many coins your last spin won–and enjoy all of these great benefits:

* A handy help file which can be accessed at any time during gameplay; just click “Help” when needed! * Spin once per day without waiting around for free spins thanks to its online convenience: no downloads required

The pokies game, Amazing Riches can be found at a casino online. The games are available from various software providers and new players will receive an exciting welcome bonus when they sign up with the casino!